LOVE Script Word Bicycle Art Decor

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The LOVE word bike is made out of ONE single strand of wire from the beginning to the end with NO break.  It's symbol for Love Forever.  This is a great symbolic cycling gift for commitment to relationship!

The LOVE bike can sit nicely on table, desktop, car dashboard, or any flat surface area... When Sun and light hits the bike, it could shine from certain angle. It is beautiful and cute bicycle art decor. 


  • Started from one handlebar. Ended at the LAST letter of "LOVE" word
  • BREAK WITH A BREAK: Handcrafted bicycle with 12 feet single strand of  aluminum wire - No SINGLE BREAK
  • OPTION TO CHOOSE:  Under "Style", you can select mountain bike or road bike you prefer. 
  • COOL & UNIQUE GIFTS for bike lovers and cyclists
  • LAST LONG TIME without CHANGING COLOR as gifts, decorations, ornaments or collectibles, etc.
  • AWESOME CYCLING ART DISPLAY on almost any flat surface such as coffee table, desktop, furniture, TV stand, fireplace, even car dashboard...
  • SIZE (Approx.): SMALL - About 1.1" wheels, 3" in length, and 1.5"- 2" height. 3"-3.5" to HOPE letter
  • COLOR: silver look

    *** The Shape and style varys from each other due to handmade. There is no two alike.

    What a unique bike and gift. Made from a single strand of aluminum alloy, the artist straightens out the wire and then twists it into a beautiful LOVE miniature bike.

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