Handmade Specialized Schwinn Stingray Bike

$49.75 $62.95

The "Freedom Bike Stingray" is one of the most difficult of the specialized bikes to create. Handcrafted from a 16 feet single strand of aluminum wire from the start to the end. The artist straightens out the wire, then twists and bends it into a beautiful Stingray miniature bicycle.

The stingray is modeled on Schwinn bicycle. Every time a new bend is required for specialized bike design, the risk of breakage increases. The Stingray generally takes one and a half to two hours to complete. If the wire is broken before final product is done, the artist starts again from the beginning. There isn't any welding, soldering  or glue repair. One single strand.

Also the Schwinn stingray bike is handcrafted with an incense holder. The bicycle can stand alone on any flat area such as desktop, table, furniture, TV stand, fireplace, even on car dashboard... 

It is beautiful designed as unique gift ideas for stingray bike lovers on birthday, Christmas, holiday or any occasion... The color won't change. It is long lasting and make LIFE LONG GIFTS.


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