Custom Wedding Card Bike Holder Extra Large


Wedding Table Decor
Made By One Single String Of Aluminum Without Single Break
- "Break to Break, Without a Break!"


This is a special page for YOU!

It holds about 4" x 8" stock card for wedding table number. Place your card between bike pedal and derailleur. 

This is an extra large road bike. Size: length is about 7.3", wheel is about 3", height from seat to bottom of wheel is about 3.5". 

It is starting at one handlebar and ending at the another handlebar. It is hand twisted from "Break to Break, Without a Break!". It is detailed also with handlebars, paddles, chain, derailleur, and even a kickstand.

The one of kind Bike Wire Artwork can be used as:

* coffee table decor
* desktop decorations
* window hanger
* cake toppers
* wall hangings
* Christmas tree decor
* much more...

The bike wire art was only available to be purchased in tourist places like San Francisco. Now you can have a chance to grab it right here without going out anywhere.

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