Handcrafted Road Bicycle Ornament Decoration


Are you looking for a fantastic biking gift for cycling  enthusiast?  Or are you bicycle art collectors

Look at these awesome handcrafted and super cute bicycle art.  Bike lovers will display these biking pieces with pride and gratitude.


The specialized road bike is modeled from 10 speed road bike, which is the birth of original Freedom Bike. This bike is handcrafted with a 6 - 10 feet single strand of aluminum wire.

It is starting at one handlebar and ending at the another handlebar. It is hand twisted from "Break to Break, Without a Break!". It is detailed also with handlebars, paddles, chain, derailleur, and even a kickstand.


  • BREAK WITHOUT A BREAK: Handcrafted with a single 6-10 feet single strand of aluminum wire. Started at one handlebar and ended at the another handlebar - FREEDOM BIKE...
  • OPTION TO CHOOSE YOUR FAVORITE STYLE: Under "style", you have an option to choose men or women bike, and small or medium size of MOUNTAIN bike. Just choose the style you prefer.
  • AWESOME CUTE HOME & OFFICE DECORSpecial Bicycle Metal Wire Sculpture Art Ornament for bicyclist as Cake Toppers, Table Decorations, Window Display, Hanging Ornaments, Fun Party Decoration...
  • STAND ALONE: It stands by ITSELF on flat surface such as desktop, coffee table, desk, TV, furniture and table NICELY
  • LAST LONG TIME without CHANGING COLOR: Beautiful bicycle decoration display with DETAILS of handlebars, pedals, chain, kickstand, Wheels, saddle, seats accessories parts...
  • ONE OF A KIND ~ JUST LIKE YOU! It's TRULY great cycling gifts for as CONVERSATION piece due to the amazing craftsmanship.
  • NOVELTY CYCLING GIFTS FOR BIKERS: Cool top gift ideas for Birthday, Wedding, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Anniversary, Engagement, Holiday, Housewarming or Any Occasions
  • SIZE(Approx):  SMALL:  1" wheels, 3" length, 1.5" height (use 6 feel wire);  MEDIUM:  1.8" wheels, 5" length, 2.3" height from wheel base to seat (use 10 feel wire). LARGE:  2" wheel, 5.5" length, 2.5" height from seat to bottom of wheel 
  • COLOR: silver look
  • NOTE: All size, style and shape is slightly different due to handcraft from one single strand of wire... 

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