Personalized Gone Fishing Freedom Name Bike


                             "Must-Have Gift" for the Fisherman!

It is a perfect gift for someone who likes to just take off and go fishing. Just like me, Pawlu, the artist.

The freedom of going out there in the early morning, waking up with the gulls and seals,  smelling the very fresh ocean air, cannot be written in words. When I want to take off and go fishing, I simply place this bike and rod in the middle of the kitchen table and away I go!

My family isn't guessing "where is...." they know I've gone fishing!
Now, when I want to take off fishing early in the morning, I don't need to leave a note, I simply place my gone fishing bike on the table and  away I go!
For you to own one of these Unique "Gone Fishing Freedom Bike" rod and reel, just Click the Link Details of the medium name bike
Measurement of the name bike:
   5" length3" height from  wheel base to top of handle bar.  4" to top of name.
Measurement of Gone Fishing Rod:
   4.5" length of fish rod. "Gone Fishing" words looks like fishing bait
Both name bike and Gone Fishing rod is handmade.

What a unique bike and gift. Made from a single strand of aluminum alloy, the artist straightens out the wire and then twists it into a beautiful "Gone Fish" miniature bike, rod and reel.

These are long lasting and make LIFE LONG GIFTS.


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