Custom Your Own Name Bike - Personalized Bicycle Decor Gifts

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The customized bicycle ornament with personal name creations is handcrafted from ONE single strand of aluminum wire with NO SINGLE BREAK! It is started from one handlebar, then ended at the last letter of the name you choose. We call it as "BREAK TO BREAK WITHOUT A BREAK"!  

You can custom your name on road bikes or mountain bikes. Just select a "Road Bike" or "Mountain Bike" from "STYLE" option above. Pick the right number of letters from "Size" button to customize your bicycle.

The custom bike with your own letters on it can be awesome personalized gifts for cyclists and bikers. The names for mountain bikes and road bikes can be specifically customized based on your choice. 


  • PERSONAL NAME CREATIONS: Just add your DESIRED NAME into a box "Add special instructions for your order..." on the Checkout page. So it can be specifically customized for your own letters. Please make sure to choose the right number of letters based on your customized names. Then leave your customized letters in "special instructions box in the checkout page. Your personalized mountain bikes or road bikes will be taken care. 
  • ONE OF A KIND ~ JUST LIKE YOU: It's TRULY one of best bicycle themed gifts for bike enthusiasts and bicyclers.
  • BREAK TO BREAK WITHOUT A BREAK: Custom about 10 feet wire with no single break! The length of wire depends on the number of letters.
  • CUTE HOME & OFFICE DECOR: Special Metal Wire Biking Art Ornament for Cyclists as mountain road bike cake topper and decorations, window display, etc. ~
  • CONVERSATION GIFT due to the Amazing ONE OF A KIND Craftsmanship for those who like cycling. 
  • STAND ALONE: Place on any flat surface such as birthday cake, wedding cake, desk, coffee table, desktop, furniture, TV stand and desk Nicely
  • LAST LONG TIME without CHANGING COLOR: Beautiful cycling art display with DETAILS of handlebars, pedals, chain, kickstand, Wheels, saddle, seat accessories parts...
  • Novelty CYCLING GIFTS FOR BIKERS: AWESOME special gift ideas for Birthday, Wedding, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Anniversary, Engagement, Holiday, Housewarming or Any Occasions
  • Only first letter will be capitalized except 2 letters customization. 
  • COLOR: silver look

 Bike Size and Measurement (Approx)This is a medium size of name bike. 

  • Medium: 5" length3" height from  wheel base to top of handle bar.  4" -5" from  wheel base to top of name

*** Since everyone's name is different, the size, shape, and style of the bike may vary slightly as balance is also required in order to keep the bike from falling.

*** Occasionally artist added a heart on the bike based on his creative mind. So the heart on the bike isn't included normally. If you do want, please let us know. Otherwise, the default is NO heart shape.

How to Send Personalized Name:

Just add your DESIRED NAME into the box "Add special instructions for your order..." on the Checkout page.

      Click "Add to Cart" Button to Get Custom Name Bike


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