Handcrafted Mountain Bike Ornament Decor


Are you a mountain bike lover? Or are you looking for a thoughtful cycling gift for mountain biking  enthusiast?

Look at these beautifully crafted and neat piece of mountain bicycle art. 
These specialized mountain bikes are handcrafted from a 6 -10 feet SINGLE STRAND of aluminum wire with NO BREAK. We call it as "Break to Break, Without a Break!" 


  • BREAK WITHOUT A BREAK: Handcrafted with a single 6-10 feet single strand of aluminum wire. Started at one handlebar and ended at the another handlebar - FREEDOM BIKE...
  • OPTION TO CHOOSE YOUR FAVORITE STYLE: Under "style", you have an option to choose men or women bike, and small or medium size of MOUNTAIN bike. Just choose the style you prefer.
  • AWESOME CUTE HOME & OFFICE DECORSpecial Bicycle Metal Wire Sculpture Art Ornament for cyclists as bicycle cake toppers and decorations, window display, hanging ornaments, fun party decoration...
  • STAND ALONE: It stands by ITSELF on flat surface such as birthday cake, desktop, coffee table, desk, TV, furniture and table NICELY
  • LAST LONG TIME without CHANGING COLOR: Beautiful bicycle decoration display with DETAILS of handlebars, pedals, chain, kickstand, Wheels, saddle, seats accessories parts...
  • ONE OF A KIND ~ JUST LIKE YOU! It's TRULY great cycling gifts for as CONVERSATION piece due to the amazing craftsmanship.
  • NOVELTY CYCLING GIFTS FOR BIKERS: Cool top gift ideas for Birthday, Wedding, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Anniversary, Engagement, Holiday, Housewarming or Any Occasions
  • SIZE(Approx):  SMALL:  1" wheels, 3" length, 1.5" height (use 6 feel wire);  MEDIUM:  2" wheels, 5" length, 2.5" height from wheel base to seat (use 10 feel wire)
  • COLOR: silver look

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