Handmade Creative Bicycle Business Card Holder on Desk [Limited]


                  Proudly Display Super Cool Bicycle Holder at Office

The bicycle business card holder for desk is HANDCRAFTED from a 12 feet single strand of aluminum alloy with NO SINGLE BREAK!  

It can hold from 1 to 10 business cards comfortably and beautifully, also as a conversation piece it will leave your customers in awe!

Perfect cycling gifts for bike lovers.

The bike cards display holder is started from one handlebar, then ended at another side of the handlebar. We call it as "BREAK WITHOUT A BREAK"!  

It's a symbol for commitment to reach your goal whatever you determine. It is a unique and cool way to present your business cards!


    • ONE OF A KIND ~ JUST LIKE YOU: It's TRULY great useful bicycle themed gifts for him, her such as bike lovers, bicyclists. 
    • OPTION TO CHOOSE: Under "style", you can choose men or women style for the bicycle card holder. 
    • BREAK WITHOUT A BREAK: Special handmade with 12 feet single strand of wire ~ Started at one handlebar and Ended at another handlebar.
    • Custom hold ONE or DECK of business, wedding, index, credit, ID, and gift cards
    • CUTE HOME & OFFICE DECOR: Special Metal Wire Biking Art Ornaments for Cyclists as bicycle cake toppers and decorations, window display, etc. ~
    • CONVERSATION GIFT due to the Amazing ONE OF A KIND Craftsmanship for those who like cycling.. It can be the best gifts for bicyclers.
    • STAND ALONE: Place on any flat surface such as desk, coffee table, desktop, table, furniture, TV stand and desk Nicely
    • LAST LONG TIME without CHANGING COLOR: Beautiful cycling art display with DETAILS of handlebars, pedals, chain, kickstand, Wheels, saddle, seats accessories parts...
    • Novelty CYCLING GIFTS FOR BIKERS: AWESOME special gift ideas for New Office, Birthday, Wedding, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Anniversary, Engagement, Holiday, Housewarming or Any Occasions for bike riders.
    • Bike Size (Appox)   MEDIUM:  2" wheels, 5" length

NOTE: Since it is handmade, all final works can be slightly variable due to handmade out of one single string of wire.

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