Handmade Bicycle STERLING SILVER Earrings

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Wow, how beautiful and unique the pair of bicycle earrings jewelry is! This is not a typical bike earring. It looks awesome as mens & women bicycle earrings.

The road bike earring is handmade out of a single strand of STERLING SILVER from the start to the end with No Single Break!  It starts from one brake handle and ending at the other. It requires tremendous patience and top-notched skills to do so. It is a piece of unique handmade sterling silver jewelry.

The approx. size is about ¼” wheels, 1″ in length, and 3/8″ height. Even such tiny pair of handmade jewelry earrings, you can still see those details about the bicycle earrings like handlebars, paddles, chain, derailleur, and even a kickstand.

The handmade jewellery can be very special cycling gifts for both men and women, especially cyclists and bike lovers as valentines day gifts for her or him. 


  • Handmade road bike Earrings with STERLING SILVER  – One Pair
  • Approx. Size: About ¼” wheels, 1″ in length, and 3/8″ height
  • Starting at one handlebar break and ending at the other handlebar break. “Break to Break without a Break!”
  •  Bike made in detail with chain, paddles, hand breaks, derailer and kickstand.
  • No Single Break – One Single String Wire Bike Artwork
  • Unique and One of a Kind earring – No single one alike
  • Delicate, Unique, Detailing, Beautiful Road Bike Earrings
  • Size, style, heights and lengths vary due to handmade out of a single strand of sterling silver 

This is a truly handcrafted unique road bike earrings with beautiful details. There are No Two real handmade products alike. If they are, it is because it is factory made or being reproduced via a factory. This bike is very special. It is handmade by the artist Paulu. 

Get the UNIQUE AND HANDMADE EARRING now when it is on sale. Treat yourself well with the awesome special earrings you can’t find any other places.  Or get it for someone as birthday, anniversaries, weddings, engagements, valentines day gifts for her or him. It is very cool cute cycling earrings for both men and women. 

Alert: actual weight, size and shape of each earring could vary due to handmade with one single string of 14k gold filled. It may not look exact like the photoshot.

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